Tips to buy a right car battery charger online


There are hundreds of models of battery charges in the market and buying the right charger for your car depends on your needs. Before knowing car battery price in Dubai ask yourself if you really need it.

Check for battery size and its voltage

Selecting a battery charger depends on the type of vehicle you use the battery for like a car or a truck or tractor. Today you can find charges that are can handle both 6 and 12-watt applications.

Check for the type of battery

Most of the car batteries are lead-acid batteries which contain lead plates in an acid bath. The other kinds include are AGM, gel cel, Deep cycle type etc. Each type requires different battery charger as they are made up of different chemistry.

Check for the battery operation

Most battery chargers are either manual or automatic. Some are fully automatic which means they can detect the charging level. They automatically turn to trickle charge or float mode to protect the device from overcharging.

Check for the safety features

Modern car battery chargers come with many safety measures like –

Reverse polarity warning – Charger can give you warning about wrong cable hooked up to the wrong post.

  • Float mode – fully automatic charges will have a float mode which can detect the charging levels and back of the charging amps. So that battery is protected from overcharging.
  • Spark proof clamps – some of the files have this safety feature that reduces or prevent sparkling while connecting the charger clamps.

Other safety features of batteries include battery tester, clamp Amps, battery tending microprocessor control multi-step charging etc.