Another hectic day at work, I reached home tired and exhausted. I opened the door and suddenly there’s a wet nose, wagging tail, excitement, and kisses to greet me. My pet was waiting all the day with a happy face, warn genuine companionship for me. This special bond between my dog and me has lasted for more than 10 years and this always helped me boost my immune systems to staving off dementia. Having a pet at home can cause frustration, mess, and destruction of furniture and simple pet training sessions can change your dog’s behaviour to a great extent. Moreover, now you can get pet products at lowest prices from pet shop in Dubai to boost your training sessions with your dog.


Here are a 3 tips which helped me completing dog training sessions successfully.

  1. Make sure to use meaningful rewards. I learned from my personal experience that my doggie gets bored quickly and doesn’t respond to simple gestures like a gentle pat on their head or just saying good work. in order to keep the trading standards, I use attractive incentives for good dog behaviour.
  2. Additionally, I divide the treats into 3 special categories and use whoop or gotcha to make my doggy identified as a reward sound. I use specific timings when to reward my doggie for obeying a particular command. This will help my doggy to understand for behaviour on the treat.
  3. Use clear and consistent commands in the training session and stick to them till the end. Even my family members use the same commands in order to increase the dog’s rate of obedience training and to see changes quickly. With immense of information related to training dog being available on the net, you are sure to be successful in training your dog successfully.