Things to know before starting an Offshore company formation in Dubai

Dubai provides great opportunities for budding entrepreneurs to set up their business in the country. Business structures in Dubai can be divided into sole proprietorship partnership and companies. All the three have their own pros and cons as the laws are quite complex. To set up an Offshore Company Formation in Dubai, it’s important to know the rules and regulations formulated by the government.

What is offshore company formation

An offshore company can be described as registering operating from any location that is outside of a business National boundary. For instance, an American passport holder can open a branch of the company in Dubai and it’s called an Offshore branch.

Why Offshore company formation

People from all over the world come to Dubai to set up Offshore company formation. This is because Dubai maximizes the profits by providing favorable conditions like reduction or tax exemption benefits. The important things you should know before starting an Offshore company formation in Dubai are-

  • The Law requires 2 persons to act as directors of the Offshore company.
  • There should be 1 minimum shareholder corporate or individual
  • There is no requirement for minimum capital but the shares must be fully paid and allotted
  • They will not permit you to have a rented office in the UAE but you’re an approved registered agent will have to provide a registered office address.


There are many benefits of starting an Offshore company formation in Dubai like minimum restrictions, 100% ownership by foreign stalk holders in free zones. But, for legal requirements, it is better to take the help of reliable business setup services company in Dubai. For more details on Offshore company formation visit

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